Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wyoming vacation--wildlife

Before we got to Grand Teton National Park, we heard about the grizzly bears.

Apparently from 2006-2008, a mama grizzly bear (#399)  raised three cubs near the road to Jackson Lake Lodge in the park. She brought them down from the mountains to keep them safe from papa bears who have been known to kill cubs. She had lost a cub this way the year before.  She safely raised the three cubs, and it was witnessed by many. The grizzly family became famous and brought lots of tourists to the park.

Fast forward to summer 2011...
The same mama bear (#399) has three cubs, and one of her female cubs (#610) from 5 years ago has two new cubs of her own. They are both raising the cubs around Jackson Lake Lodge.  You can google them and see awesome pictures and videos.

As Byron made our reservations, prior to our arrival at the park, a park employee told us about the bears. She said she and her husband drove the road almost every evening, but had not seen these famous grizzly bears.

Our second morning driving into the park, we saw 610 and got a picture!!! We approached a group of cars pulled off the road and 4-5 park rangers. As we slowed and looked off the side of the road, and there she was--610! I started snapping pictures!  Grizzly 610 is out of focus, but I am thrilled that we saw her and got the pictures. Her little cubs were probably nearby, but we did not see them. It is so unusual to see grizzlies from the road, we considered ourselves very fortunate.

The other favorite wildlife sighting of our trip was this moose cow and calf:

The first morning in the Tetons, while wearing our pj's, we watched them walk through the yard of our rental house and wander through the little neighborhood. Apparently this mother moose was on the small side...???

We also saw elk, bison, mule deer, antelope and bald eagles. Glad we had the cameras along, but wish we had remembered binoculars!

Regardless-- it was awesome!

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