Saturday, March 20, 2010

Slouchy Shoulder Sling Bags -- Spring Break Project

Spring break in Iowa and northern Missouri is rarely warm and sunny.  March, especially spring break week,  has become a time for me to get some sewing projects done.  It's a fun time to make things for spring and summer, while still being trapped inside due to cold and wet weather.

Ellyn wanted to make sling bags, so she found directions for an easy one online.  We bought our fabric before we left for Missouri, so we could work on the bags there.

We own a duplex in our home town of Chillicothe, MO and rent out one side of it.  The other side is our "vacation home".  It works well for us, since both sets of our parents are there, as well as my brother and his wife and two kids.  We don't have to drive all the relatives crazy by moving a family of six in with them when we're visiting.
The duplex is a great place to sew. The kitchen has a big peninsula that is perfect for cutting and ironing.

  The table is large and allows for plenty of space to spread out.

 I don't have nearly as much clutter to get in my way at the duplex; I also don't have as much work to do when we are there.

You can find the directions for the bag on the Tiny Happy blog by clicking here.

You need to buy 1 yard of fabric for the outside and 1 yard for the lining. (There was quite a bit of waste, which allowed extra for pockets.)  You could get by with 28 inches, instead of 1 yard, of 45" wide fabric, but this allows no extra length for the straps. (It would not allow it to be carried with the strap across the chest diagonally.)  We cut the straps extra long and made our final adjustments after trying them out.

They are basically reversible if you don't sew a button on the outside for a closure. I made mine (the green one) reversible and put pockets on both inside and outside.  A tie closure would work great on a reversible bag.  They were very fast, simple and we liked how they turned out--just my kind of project!

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