Thursday, July 11, 2013

My baby is THIRTEEN!

This girl turned thirteen in June...

I can't resist posting a few of my favorite pictures of her.

And a favorite story from when she was four years old...

Meggan was outside playing with a neighbor girl. A while later, when we were all inside except Meggan, I asked if anyone knew where she was. No one had seen her for a while and the neighbor girl was back at home and didn't know where Meggan had gone. We started searching the house and the yard. I was starting to get concerned since five of us hadn't found her yet. (We had probably been looking 5-10 minutes.)  I decided to check the playhouse for a second time and climbed the ladder to check the loft. There was Meggan, sound asleep. She hadn't heard anyone calling her name and was snoozing away in dreamland. :)
March 2005
Meg age 4

And a brand new picture of the beautiful teenager:

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