Monday, June 10, 2013

Ellyn's Final Dance Recital

Ellyn started dance when she was four years old. She had her 15th and final dance recital last week. I cried more at the recital than I did at graduation. Ellyn's dance has been such a thing of beauty in our lives. I'm sad to see it end. Watching her twirl and leap across the stage will likely never happen again. The emotion that stirred in me while I watched her just couldn't be held back. But even as the tears spilled onto my cheeks, I was smiling.  The way she has grown as a girl and as a dancer is amazing. I love to see her dance. What a beautiful gift dance has been!

This little girl was pretty excited to see Ellyn dance in all her pretty costumes:

Ellyn with her two dance teachers:

Ellyn's ballet class--2013

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