Saturday, March 9, 2013

This week...

It has been a long week and I'm glad its the weekend. 
My hubby was gone to Asia all week, but he's home now. So glad.

Early in the week, a friend lost her battle with cancer.  The end came so fast; she was diagnosed in late October. She helped us remember that her end on Earth really isn't the end, since she knows Jesus. You can read about her amazing journey on her blog Always on the Sunny Side. I am so glad to have known her and to learn what it looks like to follow Christ even during hard times.  This is one of her replies to a text I sent her:

Some instagrams from this week:

Old picture, new to me. Why don't they show me these gems sooner?

We had perfect snow for a snowman, which doesn't always happen.

Meg getting in a winter workout:

Meg and I went to the last home game for the Iowa State women's basketball team. It was a crazy game with coaches getting 3 technical fouls and a fan getting ejected from the game. By the way, Iowa State won the game. :)

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