Sunday, April 15, 2012


My younger brother Jason died six years ago today. It is so bittersweet to remember our favorite times with him.  He was so much fun and we miss him so much.

This is a photo from July 4, 2005 (summer before he died) when my two brothers planned a camp-out for the kids. Brandon is missing from the picture--probably playing with the campfire. :)
July 4, 2005 -- Red Gates camp out with Uncle Jason
I am struck by how small all the kids are in the picture above. They have changed a lot in six years.
Cousins - July 4, 2011
Jason loved them all so much and provided so much fun and entertainment. If wishes could come true, I'd wish for a day with Jason and his nieces and nephews together. I am smiling through my tears just thinking about it.

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