Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Homemade Father's Day Gifts and a Naughty Dog Story

The girls came through with some awesome homemade dad gifts this year.
Meggan made a fun poster using candy for some of the words:
It says:
Dear Dad,
We were going to give you "100 Grand" but we know you already have "Good & Plenty" because you are a "Smartie."  You take us on trips as if we travel through "Orbit."  Thanks for letting us keep our "Kit Kat," and the dog you got us is an "Almond Joy" because she gives us "Kisses."  Whenever we are in a  "Crunch" you become our "Lifesaver." "Now & Later" without you, we would fall into "Reese's Pieces."  We love you from here to the "Milky Way."
your "Sour Patch Kids"

Ellyn made a beautiful photo collage: 10 reasons why we love you.
10 Reasons why we love you...
1. you provide clothes for our backs and pets for our souls
2. you take us to the top of the mountain
3. you run our races alongside us
4. you challenge us
5. you love our mom
6. you protect us and keep us safe
7. you are stylin' and smart
8. you are full of wisdom and great advice
9. you teach us to love our siblings
10. you take us to new places and to do new things

We love you because you help us to understand ourselves; we love you because you show us what a hard worker looks like; we love you because giving is important to you; we love you because you make us do things we don't always want to do. WE LOVE YOU.

I am so glad my kids have a great dad!

It was a great Father's Day, but could have been better...

Too bad we had a minor disaster with the dog and all the chocolate for the poster Meg made.

Turns out that Meggan left all the candy on the floor downstairs the night before, where she had been working on the poster creation. While we went to church the next morning, Father's Day, Mandie ate four candy bars and a bag of Hershey's Kisses...including all the wrappers. When we got home and discovered what had happened, we called the vet. He told us we had to induce vomiting. Yeah...that's what I said. Induce vomiting... for our dog. Using hydrogen peroxide. Have you ever tried to get a dog to drink 3 tablespoons of peroxide? It took about 90 minutes and multiple attempts to get the job done. We were finally successful. Outside in the yard.
I was glad the deed was done, so that it didn't happen in our house in the middle of the night.
I figured it was going to happen eventually.
Then we had to go by more candy for the poster!

And that's the story of awesome homemade Father's Day gifts and our naughty dog. Good thing she is always good, even when she is naughty(as Ellyn would say.)

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