Saturday, May 7, 2011

Band Trip

My teenagers went on a band trip with their high school band in mid-April. The trip was to Colorado Springs, CO. They had a great time once they got there, but it took much longer than expected.

Maybe you remember hearing about a late-spring snow storm closing I-80 in western Nebraska...
Our band kids got stranded in North Platte, Nebraska in a Walmart parking lot for 10 hours. It took that long to get all the cars cleared from the interstate so they could re-open it. The kids had Walmart and a couple of restaurants to hang out in, besides the two charter busses they were traveling on. They ended up being on the busses for 24 hours before reaching their destination.  Colorado was great--Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Colorado Rockies baseball game, and the Air Force Academy.  The trip home went much faster and included a stop at the Omaha zoo!  They had fun, but they were glad to get back home. (I'll bet their teachers were as glad to get home as the kids were.)

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